This Hillary Clinton supporter got an amazing portrait shaved into her hair

So, there’s dedication and then there’s “I’m going to get your portrait shaved onto my head” dedication.

When these two choices were put before 70-year-old Maria Anita Monsivaiz, there was no hesitation. She knew that her love for Hillary Clinton needed to be expressed so that all could see exactly how she felt on the inside. That’s why she made the trip to artist Rob the Original‘s shop in San Antonio, Texas and let him use her hair as a canvas.

“She’s a big supporter of Hillary, she made a big painting of her that she’s holding up today,” Rob the Original told My San Antonio. When he says “today,” he’s referring to yesterday – the day of Clinton’s rally in San Antonio. At this exact event, Clinton actually got to meet Monsivaiz and pose with her likeness.

“Today, 70-year-old Maria Anita Monsivaiz showed up to a #LatinosForHillary rally in San Antonio with a one-of-a-kind hairdo done by @robtheoriginal. Naturally, Hillary had to see this ‘do for herself,” stated Clinton’s Instagram account. Based on the photograph that accompanies this caption, Hillary seems to love  Rob the Original’s creation. Seriously – that smile says it all. 

Even though the supportive woman had Clinton’s portrait designed the day before the rally, she actually requested that the barber work his magic weeks in advance. And this isn’t the first time the two have worked together. According to My San Antonio, for the 20th anniversary of singer Selena’s death, Monsivaiz honored the world-renowned woman by having her hair trimmed to resemble Selena’s face.

What’s equally impressive is this: Rob’s entire body of work. He’s produced portraits from the hair clippings that are scattered upon his shop’s floor. On dusty car windows, he’s portrayed Tupac, Kim Kardashian, and many others. He even utilized table salt, pizza, watermelons, and pumpkins as workspaces when he impressively exercises his creativity.

Between Monsivaiz’s shaved portrait and Rob the Original’s talent, we are 100% in awe of it all.

[Images via Shutterstock, Instagram]

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