We’re intrigued: Hillary Clinton is sending boxes of secret goodies to supporters

The presidential candidates are doing—and selling—all kinds of crazy things to win votes ahead of next year’s election, whether that be hocking a now-infamous $75 Jeb Bush 2016 “Guaca Bowle” minus a decent guacamole recipe or Donald Trump’s surprisingly unextravagant “Make America Great Again” gear.

It’s all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, t-shirts and the like. But Hillary Clinton—who today apologized for her private email server in an effort to get her campaign back on the road—is trying out something totally new. She’s offering a special box to her supporters and we have no idea what’s inside it. Color us intrigued.

The “Official Clinton Campaign Thx Box,” which from the looks of it took its design cues from Bloomingdale’s charmingly plain shopping bags, is available to those who enter an email address and zip code on Hillary’s website, sign up to make a monthly donation of at least $30,  and then share their address, guaranteeing them a box. If you only enter your email address and zip code, you’re added to a waiting list of indeterminate length.

$30+ is a pretty high price to pay for a mystery box, but we kind of really want to know what’s in them…any guesses?

(Image via Shutterstock)


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