Hillary Clinton just SLAYED the Mannequin Challenge and we are cracking up

It’s a big day for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (and all Americans, really). In the final push to make sure people are getting out and voting, Clinton and her team decided to pull out all the stops. And, in this case, that means literally stopping everything to look like a mannequin and rise up to an epic internet challenge.

Together, Hillary Clinton and Bon Jovi slayed the “Mannequin Challenge” in an unforgettable video she tweeted earlier today.

Jon Bon Jovi, who has been helping the candidate along the campaign trail, had a cameo in the video along with Clinton’s husband, Bill.

ICYMI, the Mannequin Challenge has taken the internet by storm recently. Everyone involved freezes and it feels like time has completely stopped. People have been getting surprisingly creative with their challenges, making them seriously delightful to watch.

Clinton’s video shows a candid moment on her campaign plane. From staffers grabbing food to checking their phones to Clinton herself mid-smile with Bon Jovi, she totally nailed it.

Like all things Clinton does, there’s an awesome message behind her Mannequin Challenge.

She wrote, “Don’t stand still. Vote today” and included a link to help you find your polling location because she’s always looking out for us.

Clinton’s Mannequin Challenge is just the latest reminder that this powerful woman seriously knows how to have a good time. Despite the fact that she’s heavily involved in an exhausting campaign for one of the most important positions on the planet, she still finds time for a little laughter.

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