Hillary Clinton got the best birthday present from Katy Perry

In today’s installment of “best presents ever:” a gold necklace given to Hillary Clinton by Katy Perry. Because, you know, all presidential hopefuls should have an incredible pop singer in their clique.

We have so many questions about this pop-political union, but all we really need to know is that Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton are pals and Katy Perry has amazing taste in birthday necklaces.

Both ladies have October birthdays (today is Hillary’s birthday!) and they celebrated over the weekend at a rally in Iowa. The pop star gifted “fellow Scorpio” Hillary Clinton this gorgeous, aspirational necklace, that reads POTUS —that’s short for President of the United States — during a fundraiser over the weekend where Katy was garnering support for the candidate.

Talk about squad goals.

Hillary even let Katy take over her Instagram account for the day. The Iowa campaign fundraiser for Hillary was a huge success, and Katy Perry went all out to make sure her bud got the, ahem, presidential treatment. Check out this very patriotic manicure that Katy was sporting for the rally. Now that’s support.

Also, Katy Perry’s Hillary-inspired wardrobe? We’re obsessed.

For the record we’d totally love the mani, the necklace, and the outfit for ourselves. Where’d ya get ’em Katy? Oh and happy birthday, Hillary!

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