Hillary Clinton approves of Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of her, ICYWW

Call her a multitasker! Kate McKinnon brought her impersonations of Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres to the “Ellen” show and performed them right to Hillary and Ellen’s faces. It would make us ~so nervous~ to do an impression of people right in front of them, but Kate — who has done this before— doesn’t even break a sweat.

The Ghostbusters star joined Hillary and Ellen onstage for a group hug, where the two women jokingly asked her to communicate to each other. As “Ellen,” Kate told the candidate:


Kate then flipped it over to her Hillary impersonation, which got a big laugh out of the Secretary of State: “Hi Ellen, I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton. Every day we face hard choices, like which statement blazer to wear.”

Hillary responded, “There you go.”

And “Hillary” continued, “But when I’m president, I will make sure every American has a fair shot to live up to his or her God-given potential to watch you daaaaaance!”


Ellen then noodged Kate to admit that doing the impression of her was more fun, to which the presidential candidate joked, “Have you ever been to Camp David?” Ellen then joked back, “I can get you a brand-new Chevy Malibu.” (It’s possible there could be a third answer: Kate’s impersonation of Bernie Sanders!)

You’ll just have to watch the full clip on EllenTube to find out where Kate’s loyalties stand. We gotta admit, the only thing that makes us want this election cycle to go on longer are more Kate McKinnon impersonations!

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