So Miley Cyrus, Hillary Clinton, and Kate McKinnon walk into a bar (and give us the best ‘SNL’ experience ever)

Did you catch the season premiere of Saturday Night Live? If you didn’t, you completely missed out on one of the best SNL sketches to date. It involved the one and only Miley Cyrus, and then not one but TWO Hillary Clintons — one real, and one really good impression of the real Hillary Clinton. Can every SNL episodes from here on out involve a Hillary duet? Pretty, pretty please?

So, the scene involves Cyrus at a bar (with featured player Beck Bennett) talking about the HUGE field of presidential candidates. Cut to Kate McKinnon’s take on the former Secretary of State and current Democrat candidate, complaining about how the people won’t let her lead just yet. After Clinton asks the bartender for one more drink, the bartender turns around to reveal that it’s the REAL Clinton ready to top Fake Clinton off.

During their chat, Clinton and “Bartender Val” discuss everything, from the Keystone Pipeline to gay marriage (where Fake Clinton comments she “could have supported it sooner”). Real Clinton also might have a promising SNL career ahead of her, after she nails a Donald Trump impression, calling everyone — in his voice —  “losers.”

It ends with both Clinton singing “Lean On Me,” before everything turns out to be a dream. Was Val the Bartender even real? But like Cinderella, Val has left behind a hard, tan business shoe. Maybe the two will meet up again someday.

The real Hillary Clinton loved stopping by SNL, and took to Twitter to remind us that if she’s elected, we get McKinnon impressions of her for four years.

If you’re ready to check out these two Hillarys, hit play on the video below!

Image via NBC

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