At least there’s this: Hillary Clinton has so far won the popular vote by 2 million

If, after the last two weeks, you need a silver lining, think of this: Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote has risen to over two million.

As we’ve slowly climbed out of the fog that descended upon us November 9, when Donald Trump was named President Elect, we’ve been focusing our attention on the “what now.” Calling our representatives, attending protests, letting our voices be heard. And we’ve been watching the popular vote climb, that first had Clinton winning by thousands of votes, and now by more than two million.

According to the Cook Political Report, the former secretary of state now has 64,223,958 votes to Trump’s 62,206,395, as of Wednesday morning.

Vanity Fair writes, “Most of those votes are clustered in major urban areas in states that were a lock-in for Democrats — New York and California chief among them — and therefore did not affect the eventual electoral college outcome, which appeared as a minor landslide for the Republican.”

So, the silver lining is not to be found in any impact on the election’s actual immediate outcome.

Clinton’s lead, which will likely continue to grow in the coming weeks, is contributing to a spreading public recognition that the 228-year-old electoral college may be outdated and need either a hammer or an ax.

Several Democrats, including California Senator Barabara Boxer, are calling for a constitutional amendment to eliminate the 228-year-old mechanism.

So, look again for the silver lining: in the long-view, big-picture. A potential change to future elections that will make everyone’s votes carry equal weight. Wouldn’t that be lovely?