Hillary Clinton Halloween costume ideas, courtesy of Stephen Colbert and Hillary Clinton

It’s three days until Halloween, but many people are still scrambling to figure out what they should wear for their costume. If you’re one of them, you’re totally not alone! After all, you don’t want to be one of the bajillion Cher Horowitzes or Harley Quinns — it’s tricky to find that perfectly unique costume. But if you’re a Hillary supporter, Stephen Colbert and the presidential candidate have got the *perfect* idea(s) for you.

Stephen had Hillary on the Late Show Tuesday night, and he decided to highlight some pretty great Halloween costumes featuring her past looks taken from her campaign website. “You’ll really scare your Republican friends,” Stephen joked.

“Well, no,” Hillary responded, “you’ll scare your Democratic friends!”

We’ve got the High School Hillary, sporting a Peter Pan collared white shirt underneath a plaid jumper during her high school days. There’s college / pre-pantsuit Hillary, featuring her wearing pants that they joked were reminiscent of a “bad acid trip”. . . and there’s the Hillary cold shoulder dress, which is honestly a dress we really want as it is:

And, of course, there’s Texts From Hillary, a reference to the famous pic of the candidate on her Blackberry.

There you go, guys! Just a few ways to make your Hillary costume extra unique. Even more ideas below:

(Image via Youtube.)


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