Hillary Clinton had a Dolly Parton birthday party and the photos are making our Friday

A week or so ago was Hillary Clinton’s birthday, and we hearted the awesome campaign-birthday combo shared by Hill and Katy Perry. Kicking off your birthday celebrations a couple of days early by having a bonding sesh with one of the biggest celebs ever? Yeah, that’s a pretty good way to celebrate. But now, we know for a FACT that Hillary’s always known how to party on her birthday.

Yesterday, Hillary posted the ultimate #TBT — back to 20 years ago, when she threw a themed birthday party for herself. But not just ANY themed birthday party — a Dolly Parton-themed birthday party. In the White House, when she was First Lady. Yes, the world is a beautiful place.

Hillary’s team took to Twitter and Instagram to share a snapshot of Hill and Bill, decked out in country gear from head to toe (with Hillary wearing a totally amazing Dolly Parton wig). “#TBT to the time Hillary had a Dolly Parton-themed birthday party in 1995,” the caption read.

YEP, FABULOUS. According to a 1995 article published in The Spokesman-Review describing the event, the party took place the day after she turned 48, and she invited 150 guests to the White House, including the White House staff and friends from the Clintons’ home state of Arkansas. The cake was in the shape of hay bales, and EVERYBODY SQUARE-DANCED. And people are having feelings about it:

Got that beautiful image in your head forever? Yeah, us too. Hopefully, Dolly and Hillary take a selfie together VERY soon. And next time, Hillary, invite us to come square dance, please and thank you.

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(Images via Twitter.)

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