Hillary Clinton gave Jimmy Fallon a bag of softballs last night for this super funny reason

Jimy Fallon is pretty much everybody’s favorite late night comedian: He’s sweet, charming, and he doesn’t go too hard on anyone he has on his show, including presidential candidates. And hey, sometimes we all need something to laugh about in the face of all the frightening stuff happening around us in the world.  Still, sometimes his guests have an even better sense of humor than he does. Take Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who appeared on his show last night.

Clinton gave Fallon a “gift” during her segment, which she said she found backstage from when Trump was a guest on the show last week.


What’s inside the bag? None other than a bunch of softballs. Implying that Jimmy went WAY easy on the Republican nominee.

Clinton joked, “He left these for you: softballs,” as they pulled them out of the paper bag on Fallon’s desk. For those of us who haven’t caught up on the show yet, it’s worth noting that many fans felt that Fallon went a little too easy on Trump when he was a guest on the show.

Fallon playfully jabbed her right back, saying, "That was my gift to him — I’ll give them to you later in the interview.

And all joking aside, Clinton and Fallon did get to some real talk. Here’s a little clip where Clinton discusses the obstacles and complexities women — including herself — face on the campaign trail when it comes to balancing being serious with positivity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdPX4MwsVvM

At least we know if anyone can bring out the humor in candidates from either side of the aisle, it’s Fallon!