Hillary Clinton followed Snoop Dogg on Twitter, which seems strangely perfect

In times of grief, curiosity or plain old boredom, we all turn to social media for endless hours of entertainment. Whether it’s guffawing at the latest meme, uploading our take on the newest social media challenge or noticing that Hillary Clinton followed Snoop Dogg on Twitter, there’s enough internet indulgence to go around for everyone.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you: After being one of the many celebrities to openly support Clinton‘s bid for presidency, Vulture reports that Snoop Dogg finally earned that Twitter follow from the former secretary of state, and we totally should’ve seen this coming. Like, Snoop’s no stranger to giving Clinton major social media shout outs so it’s about time she returned the favor, right?

We can never forget this awesome show of support from Snoop:

As Mashable pointed out, not only did Snoop follow Clinton back, he also followed President Obama and the first lady along with Bill Clinton.

So now that we know Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner will have a second season, will the Clintons make a guest appearance? That remains to be seen, but someone should most definitely make this happen.