Hillary Clinton just had dinner with Kate McKinnon and OMG

There has been no shortage of Hillary Clinton sightings in recent weeks, but you may need to sit down for the most recent spotting. Clinton was seen dining with her top impersonator and queen of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon.

This is not a drill.

Imagine two of your idols, casually dining together in New York City. Now replace those figments of your imagination with Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon because THIS REALLY HAPPENED.

The two were spotted grabbing a bite at Orso before Clinton went to see the show Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. According to Page Six, “lots of laughter emanated from the table” while a fellow diner yelled out “lock him up!” in reference to President Donald Trump.

Twitter exploded with reports of the sighting. Kate McKinnon’s cat (yup, you read that right) Nino even chimed in, joking that they were meeting to discuss Nino’s 2020 run for president.

Though we sadly don’t have four more years of McKinnon’s Clinton impression, we do have a bevy of other fantastic McKinnon performances so far. Her rendition of Kellyanne Conway has had us in tears, and we’re still dying over her impersonation of new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Basically we love McKinnon doing any character ever. We can only hope this sighting means that maybe the two have some type of amazing plan up their sleeves.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall.