Chelsea and Bill Clinton’s birthday tweets to Hillary are absolutely heartwarming

Democratic presidential nominee and future first female President of the United States Hillary Clinton turned 69 years-old today and aww man, is she feeling the birthday love!

Daughter Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to wish her mother a happy birthday and our hearts are flooded with joy at what she wrote.

The 36-year old mother of two wrote, "Happy birthday mom! I hope that one day Charolette and Aiden are as proud to be my children as I am to be your daughter."

OMG! That might be the sweetest tweet ever to exist in the Twitterverse!

And of course, Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton had some adorable words for her as well.

The former President of the United States wrote, "Happy birthday Hillary! In awe of you today and every day."

Running mate Tim Kaine also posted some sweet words about Hillary.

One for the history books, indeed!

Other celebs wished Clinton the best on her special day as well:


Happy birthday, Hillary!!

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