These pictures of Hillary and Bill Clinton voting together will bring you Election Day happy tears

As we all know, today is Election Day. The historic election that pits Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton against Republican Nominee Donald Trump will finally be decided. And what’s more exciting, Hillary and Bill Clinton just cast their votes together, and it was so sweet. The pair voted in side-by-side voting booths, and in this tense election, you definitely need to see these sweet photos.

We’ve all been eager to see an end to this year’s drawn-out election season. And we can’t wait for the opportunity to finally celebrate our first Madame President. But we just hope that our voting selfies are half as adorable as these pics of Hillary and Bill casting their ballots.

Hillary and Bill Clinton cast their 2016 votes right next to each other.

Hillary looked happily overwhelmed by the historic ballot she just cast, and we are SO with her.

Check out Hillary’s exit interview with the Associated Press. Her words remind us why we can’t wait to have a Madame President!

Hillary reflects on her opportunity to vote for herself, and we love what she had to say.

"It is the most humbling feeling. Because I know how much responsibility goes with this. And so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. What it means for our country.  And I'll do the very best I can if I'm fortunate enough to win today.

Hillary’s words remind us what a smart, caring, and passionate politician she is, and we really hope that she is fortunate enough to win.

Of course, the cuteness continued as Hillary and Bill left the voting booth hand-in-hand.

Bill even helped Hillary down a high curb, which was too cute. And it reminds us how Bill has been there as an awesome support all the way up to this historic moment. 

Both of them looked pretty psyched to finally get to cast their ballots. And we can relate!

We’re surprised Hillary could keep herself that poised, because our enthusiasm is really bubbling over.

Don’t forget to VOTE in this historical election! Your vote counts just as much as Hillary’s and Bill’s!

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