Hilary and Haylie Duff at the “Material Girls” premiere 10 years ago will give you all kinds of nostalgic feels

A decade ago today, Hilary and Haylie Duff took to the silver screen in the spoiled-teens-turned-brilliant-moguls film Material Girls. Based on Jane Austen’s classic Sense and Sensibility, this adorable film blessed us with not just one, but two of our favorite ’00s teen icons – who just so happen to also be the greatest celeb sisters ever. And for that, we’re forever grateful.


So let’s take a moment to appreciate the perfection that was Hilary and Haylie Duff on the red carpet for the premiere of the joint sister production back in 2006.

Oversized bangle and earrings? Check. Empire waist gown? Check. This is so 2006 and it. IS. PERFECT.

Haylie’s like, “Hil, I don’t have time to keep posing for gorgeous photos, I have FANS TO SEE!”

Haylie, “See, Hil?! Our fans! They can’t get enough!!”

Here, Hil’s like, “Yup, you’re right, Haylie!” (Also, check out those ~old~ point and shoot cameras!!!)

Sisters know best, right?


…and forever.

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