We want to know what Hilary Duff is doing with an adorable baby raccoon

Though we know (and love) Hilary Duff as Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire, we’re starting to think that she could also pass for another Disney character: Snow White. Because scrolling through Hilary’s Instagram feed is basically like frolicking through a forest of adorable animals.

There’s Peaches, the most recent addition to Duff’s family:

Dubois, the pup with the most perfect expressions on the planet:

And, interestingly enough, there’s a baby raccoon with the cutest name known to man: Pants. To celebrate Memorial Day like a pro animal-lover, Hilary got together with her friend Wes, who refers to himself as a “bear scientist” on Instagram. However, it seems that bears aren’t Wes’ only friends…

Well this morning was awesome…. My friend @grizkid brought over “pants” a raccoon he is rehabbing it was too cute for words ?,” Duff wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of herself, her son Luca, Wes, and (of course) Pants the baby raccoon.

Oh, and that wasn’t all. Later on, Hilary bestowed another Pants portrait upon us. It features the sweet creature sucking on a bottle. The best part: We get to see his precious face up-close! (There’s no such thing as too much cuteness, right?!)

This is basically the Lizzie McGuire/Snow White mashup we never knew we needed.

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