Hilary Duff has joined the intense brow game, is winning already

Thick, bold eyebrows are all the rage right now. Gone are the days of thin, demure brows from the ’90s — at least according to faces like Cara Delevingne, Keira Knightley, Lily Collins, Emilia Clarke and the newest addition to the bold brow club: Hilary Duff.

Duff debuted her new, bolder brows on Snapchat. It’s unclear if the brows are sticking around for good, or if she was like, in the middle of getting them dyed.

But either way, it’s a new look for her that we’re kind of digging.

She Snapped her dark brows, writing “Bitch brow in progress,” and she’s not wrong. The brows definitely make her look a little harder and ready to throw down if she needs to. But like, in the least aggressive way possible, because come on, she’s still Hilary Duff.


In case you forget what her regular brows look like, here’s a reminder:

And here’s another shot of Duff’s brows that are pretty much perfection as is:

But it never hurts to mix things up again, and “bitch brows” are certainly one way of doing that.

More brows:

TBH, her brows are always immaculate looking. Even if she does get them professionally done, for being a mom of two kids with a busy career, perfect brows are always impressive.

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