Hilary Duff reads this poem when she has to spend a lot of time away from her son

It doesn’t take a working mom to tell you it’s a thankless gig with its own unique set of challenges. The latest celeb to address the stresses of being a full-time mother and career woman is Younger star Hilary Duff, who Instagrammed a photo of a poem she received from her co-star Peter Hermann. The Rachel Zucker piece titled “Hours Days Years Unmoor Their Orbits” was presented to Duff as a thoughtful gesture to help her deal with the struggle of having to spend weeks away from her five-year-old son Luca while she’s on set.

Duff explained how Zucker’s poem reminds her of the joys of motherhood, and the words are a beautiful summation of the many tough parenting choices mothers make for their children.

The poem reads in part,

"I don't expect you to remember or understand the many ways I've kept you alive or the life my love for you has made me live..."

"This beautiful poem was given to me from the wonderful Peter Hermann who plays Charles on [Younger]," Duff captioned the post. "I have to spend many days sometimes weeks away from Luca when shooting and he gave me this poem when I was desperate to see and hold my boy. Tears started falling down my face at the last four lines and still do when I read it. Motherhood is the greatest gift I have ever received. Every day a new adventure or hurdle. My heart has grown bigger than I can explain. I think every mother or parent will find this poem as moving as I do..."

So, we’re kind of an emotional wreck right now. Between Hermann’s gesture and those lovely words from Zucker and Duff, we don’t know which was sweeter.

Often, working moms are unnecessarily shamed for their decision to balance their professions with parenthood, but we’re super relieved that Duff is in the company of colleagues who can provide her comfort and assurance that she’s doing a great job of being an awesome, caring mother.

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