Hilary Duff wishes she worried less about this *one thing* during her 20s (and SAME)

Hilary Duff – aka Lizzie Macguire, aka queen of the early 2000s, aka Kelsey Peters in Younger – recently spoke to Cosmo about her upcoming 29th birthday, and all the things she wish she’d done in her 20s. She was joined by Miriam Shor, her co-star on Younger (which, if you’re not watching, do ittttt.) And both of them proved to be very, very wise.

When asked what they would tell their younger (heh) selves not to worry about, they both had very similar (and SUPER ON-POINT) answers that we’re definitely going to need to keep in mind.

"I would say be bold before you get stuck not being bold," Hilary Duff said. "I would tell myself to calm down and don't worry so much about having it all figured out."

We could definitely do with a little more boldness in our lives. Miriam Shor seemed to agree, saying, “Your voice counts. I would often apologize, to women in particular. I feel like your generation is like, ‘We deserve a place at this table, we have a right to be here,’ whereas when I was in my 20s I was like, ‘Who am I?’ It’s exciting because I do see a lot of young women feeling empowered.” (We’re right there with, Miriam, loving this as well.)


We also definitely want to travel with both of these ladies, as they both responded with ‘travel’ as the number one thing they wish they’d done more of. Name the place, gals, and we’ll meet you there.

"Cocaine. No, I am kidding. Guys, I am kidding!" Miriam Stor said. "Travel. You need to know you're a citizen of the world. Am I teaching a civics class right now? Listen, class. But I do feel like once you know you are someone who is in the world and there are other countries and cultures, that stays with you and your decision-making forever."


But maybe the MOST relatable part was when they were asked what they think women in their 20s should worry less about. If there were ever a time to shout PREACH and use the praise hands emoji, it was DEFINITELY in response to Hilary Duff’s answer to that question:

"Getting everything done in the day that you put the pressure on yourself to do. I feel like women's minds never stop. I never feel like I conquered the day and did everything I possibly should have, could have, would have."

? ? ? ? ?

Ugh, yes. All ladies should be kinder to themselves, starting right now. Queen Hilary has spoken. We def believe the future is female and you can take over the world if that’s your jam, but women definitely need to let themselves off the hook from time to time.


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