Hilary Duff is Taking a Stand Against “Period Poverty” for Period Action Day

Through her company Veeda, Duff is giving away period products by the millions.

To celebrate October 10th’s Period Action Day, Hilary Duff launched an initiative that takes a stand against “period poverty.” Duff, who has her own all-natural menstruation product company called Veeda, teamed up with PERIOD, “a global, youth-powered non-profit that is fighting to end period poverty and period stigma through service, education, and advocacy.” Together, they’re donating period products to those in need throughout the month of October.

The time for ACTION is now! Duff wrote in an October 10th Instagram post. Join me in taking a stand against period poverty.

She continued, “My company @veedanatural and I are teaming up with @periodmovement for the Veeda In Action initiative. From October 10 to October 25 (my daughter Banks’ birthday!), for every subscription box purchased, we’ll donate one subscription box of safe, eco-friendly period care essentials to someone in need.”

Duff explained that she specifically chose Banks’s birthday as the end date for the Veeda In Action Initiative “because it’s important that we empower all of our children to understand that our periods are NOTHING to be ashamed about.”

To join Duff in her fight to end period poverty, you can head over to VeedaUSA.com and sign up for the company’s subscription service. Build your Veeda box from a variety of Veeda’s natural cotton menstruation products (from liners, tampons, and pads to pH balancing wipes), and for every box you receive in the mail, one subscription box will be donated to someone in need.

To date, Veeda has donated 3.1 million tampons and pads to people with periods in over 10 countries.

Though Period Action Day officially takes place on October 10th, the normalization of periods and menstruation is something worth celebrating every day. And as Duff said, menstruating is never something to feel ashamed about—so let’s spread the word of using good-for-you products and help others have a happy period.

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