Hilary Duff’s son’s lunch box legit sounds like the perfect appetizer platter

At only 4 years old, Hilary Duff’s son Luca already has a refined, big-kid palate. As in, when his mama packs his lunch before school, she knows to skip right over the Lunchables and go straight for the charcuterie board!

“He’s picky, but he would crush that cheese plate!” Hilary told People of her son’s eating habits at her Callie Collections Wine launch party, apparently pointing over to a spread of meat and cheese.

As it turns out, little Luca’s got sophisticated tastes just like his mama. According to Hilary, he’s a little cheese connoisseur in the making. And while cold sliced turkey is a big no-no, he’s always down for a helping of prosciutto.

“There’s this cheese shop in Beverly Hills I go to often, and he loves to go because they give him salami and prosciutto and weird cheeses, and he houses it,” Duff said to People.

"He loves olives in his lunchbox! It's so bizarre. But then he won't touch his turkey sandwich. "I’m like, 'You are your mother's child, you love salty things!'"

Cheese, salami, olives…Luca do you want to come to our next wine and cheese night?

Hilary admits that while her little one has a good appetite, he’s still a picky eater like most kiddos. “All of a sudden he’ll go through a stage where he won’t want to touch spinach, so he is picky but adventurous,” she said.

Apparently, snow cones are not off limits though (smart kid!).

Well, Luca, we must admit we’re quite impressed with your refined taste buds. The next time we need a recommendation on fancy cheese, tasty cooked meats, or any other appetizers, we know who to call!

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