Hilary Duff might have just added a new puppy to her family and she’s adorable

Hilary Duff’s latest Insta has us thinking she’s got a major case of puppy love. Yesterday, she posted a pic of herself playing with a totally adorable French bulldog puppy and captioned it, “I met my sweet baby beau’s sister today. I think she’s asking to come home wif me.” She also threw in some cute emoticons, because is there a better time to use emoticons than when you’re face to face with puppy cuteness? (No, there’s not.)

Duff was devasted when her dog, Beau, passed away in January. It sounds like this sweet little pup is related to Beau, so she might be the perfect fit! We vote for Duff bringing her home, where they can enjoy some super adorable bonding time, like this…


Something tells us that Duff’s Insta is about to explode into a level of puppy cuteness that even emoticons can’t handle. Bring. It. On.

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