Here’s how to copy Hilary Duff’s perfect morning routine

It seems like Hilary Duff is living the perfect life with the attitude to match, so when she shared her morning routine with the health blog Well And Good, we obviously took fastidious notes. We learned some surprising new tricks that we’ll definitely be whipping out next time the morning seems unbearable.

The first thing the actress and singer does when she wakes up is drink an entire glass of water (pro tip: add lemon) before making breakfast for her and her four-year-old son, Luca. While she likes to keep it healthy with Ezekiel toast and oatmeal, she does have a weakness that we can all relate to. “I love bacon,” she confessed. “I’m definitely not frugal when it comes to the bacon.”

She’s also not fancy when it comes to her coffee, which she takes with regular cow’s milk.

However, she does have one healthy habit that surprised us: “I drink a scoop of SuperGreens that I put into water or juice,” she explained. “It smells super gross, but when I’m working and I know I’m not getting enough vegetables, it gives me all the nutrients I might be missing.”

When it comes to exercising, she’s not fussy, making sure to sweat a little each day whether it be at a class or just a simple jog outside.

Behind-the-scenes stuff like this when it comes to our favorite celebs is fascinating! We’ll definitely be stealing a few of these tips for our own mornings (okay, maybe just the bacon part).

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