Hilary Duff’s barefaced selfie will inspire you to go makeup-free when you DGAF

While many of us fell into bed last night with a face full of red lipstick and sweat-smeared eyeliner, Younger’s Hilary Duff had glowing skin, because she had no makeup on. We can only assume that Duff spent the day celebrating the 4th of July with all the merriment of beers, fireworks, and hot dogs like the rest of us. However, according to her Instagram post, she opted to let her face breathe with a no makeup day during all of the revelry.

We have to admit, as much as we love makeup and all of the colors and joy it brings, if our skin looked as effortlessly healthy (AND EVEN) as Duff’s, we’d opt out as well.

We’re convinced Duff has some sort of skin related sorcery on her side, either that or a very good skin care routine.

It’s probably a combination of both, but imagining Duff as a secret magician is way more silly than picturing her applying weekly face masks.

We have a feeling that her younger counterpart, Lizzie Mcguire, would be impressed with Duff’s glowing skin. What better way to celebrate the birthday of your country, than by letting your skin have a day off?

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We hope your 4th of July was as glowing and natural as Duff’s skin on Instagram.

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