Hilary Duff just posted a fangirl-level ‘Lizzie McGuire’ tribute video

If you thought you were fangirling hard and falling into a never-ending pit of nostalgia over the news that beloved middle school classic Lizzie McGuire turned 15 this year, just imagine how Lizzie herself, Hilary Duff, felt. Duff proved that she not only still absolutely adores the Disney sitcom that catapulted her to stardom (and into a permanent place in our hearts), she might be the biggest Lizzie McGuire fangirl of them all.

She took to Instagram to proven her unending affection for the show with an epic Flipagram (set to “Thank You For Being a Friend” of all songs):

This feels like a YouTube fan tribute in the best way. Plus, there’s a fun double meaning in using the Golden Girls theme song for the video (yes, Lizzie was a friend to all of us, but we also feel like straight up grandmas after hearing that it’s been 15 years since she first graced our screens).

“Happy 15 year anniversary #lizziemcguire,” Duff captioned the Instagram. “Thank you to everyone who helped [make] this show great! I know we were grateful to be a part of your lives and hope we made you smile and feel like you had a friend in us.”

Excuse us, we’ll just be watching this Flipagram and tearing up a little for the rest of the night.

(Image via Instagram.)

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