Hilary Duff just got new bangs for the holidays and we’re 100% obsessed

Just in time for the holiday season, Hilary Duff has debuted her new bangs and OMG we’re OBSESSED.

Now, it’s no secret that we love Hilary Duff’s style. Whether it’s her cute AF glasses, these velvet strappy sandals, or her affinity for wide-legged pants, we just love seeing what looks she might be rocking. Likewise, we love that just like us she’s a bit awkward, as this hilarious Disney Channel outtake shows.

Well, now Hilary Duff has debuted her new bangs and we have to say they look so perfect for fall that we’re going to book an appointment in the salon RIGHT NOW.

Omg, doesn’t she look like a dream? We love the the flowing ’70s vibe of her hair, and the subtle fringe at the front.

It seems that, like most of us, Hilary is buckling down for the holiday weekend with her family. In fact, the star shared an adorable family portrait with her 4-year-old son, Luca, ex-husband Mike Comrie, mom Susan, her older sister Haylie Duff, her fiancé Matt Rosenberg, and their 1-year-old daughter Ryan.

Hilary recently took part in a podcast with her Younger co-star, Nico Tortorella where she opened up about marriage and traditional relationships.

Called The Love Bomb, the podcast deals with all matters of the heart and relationships, and Hilary spoke about what it was like getting married and divorced so young.

"When we were deciding to get married, I was totally down — I felt totally ready. I had already been working as an adult since I was 12 years old, so 22 doesn’t seem that crazy to get married, she said. "I wasn’t shamed because I got a divorce. It was a big step to take and it was a lot of considering, obviously a little human."

Luckily, as her family portrait shows, she’s found a happy balance with her ex-partner Mike Comrie.

"I can’t imagine going through that process [of getting divorced] with anyone but [Mike] and he continues to be my very good friend, she said during the podcast.

Well, we hope that Hilary has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving this weekend. We totally adore her style and love seeing how happy she and her son Luca are.

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