Hilary Duff Accidentally Turned Her Hair Green, and, TBH, It Doesn’t Look Too Bad

The hair mask she used wasn't actually a hair mask...

All Hilary Duff wanted was to relax in a nice warm bath after a long day. But instead, she ended up with a bit of a disaster after accidentally dyeing her hair green. Duff posted to her Instagram Story on July 21st alerting fans that the hair mask she thought she had applied to keep her blonde brass-free was actually green hair dye.

“So, I just took a bath, and I put conditioner on my hair that I thought was for taking the brassiness out—like a purple condish,” Duff said in a video posted to her Story. “Turns out it was leftover from when my hair was green.”

And now I’ve turned my hair green again, she said. On accident.

“Your perfect blonde hair…green,” her friend says off screen, to which Duff responded, “I mean it was not perfect. Let’s be honest. I swim every day with my kids. But now it is truly green. It took about seven minutes of this hair mask sitting on my hair and it’s…green.”

hilary duff green hair

Duff had just taken her hair back to icy blonde in mid-April after going blue earlier this year. She was just about to give birth to her daughter Mae, and both her family and fans thought the blue was actually some sort of gender reveal.

Because of the green tints in blue hair dye, bleaching blues and greens out of hair is notoriously difficult and taxing on the hair follicle. Luckily, Duff works with celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee, who is a dyeing expert (especially when it comes to blondes).

With Duff admitting that her hair may have already been a bit green thanks to the chlorine from the swimming pool, maybe this green sneak attack is a sign that she should just stick with green-blue for the rest of the summer. We all know she can rock blue like no other.

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