Hilary Duff named a pair of glasses in her collection after Lizzie McGuire, and the internet can’t handle it

Hilary Duff recently launched a capsule collection of eyeglasses with GlassesUSA.com that includes 24 pairs of really cute glasses (including sunglasses) that start at $89. We had no idea that Duff was such an eyewear enthusiast (she is) and now she can call herself an eyeglass designer, too.

“Glasses are my passion,” Duff revealed in a promo video for the new collection. “I felt like I could inspire women with my designs, help them see better while also feeling confident and looking beautiful.”

Each style in the Muse x Hilary Duff collection is named after a famous woman in history, like Jane Austen and Joan of Arc. But the one pair that everyone is going bananas for is named Lizzie, after the girl-hero of our childhoods, Lizzie McGuire. “Of course we threw a little Lizzie up in the mix,” Duff told Observer. “They’re actually my favorite ones.”

We’re not gonna lie, we were a bit shocked when we saw the Lizzie pair. We were expecting something tiny, pink, with a ’00s throwback feel? Instead, the Lizzie frame looks like this:

The Lizzie retails for $104 and comes in two different colors: gold and a black/gold combo. The delicate frame has a definite vintage vibe.

Obviously, Twitter is all about ~The Lizzie~.



Who knew Duff would speak directly to the hearts of millennial men and women with bad eyesight?

If you are also moved to tears by the Lizzie glasses, you can shop them here — and then check out the entire Muse X Hilary Duff collection at GlassesUSA.com.

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