10 times Hilary Duff gave us undeniable hair envy


Without a doubt, Hilary Duff is our Instagram inspiration. All her IGs are effortlessly cool, whether she’s on set for Younger, hangin’ out with her new French bulldog puppy , or modeling her kid’s school pickup outfit. But you know what gives her an extra social media edge? Her ~*~flawless~*~ hair. Girl always has the prettiest hairdo, even if it’s just bundled up under a beanie.

Behold, all the times Hilary Duff has inspired us to make a hair appointment so we, too, can look THIS marvelous:

1. When Hilary Duff’s only hair accessory was a birthday hat, and she made it look très chic AF.

2. That time Hilary perfected the effortless messy braid ponytail look.

3. The brief moment in time and space when Hilary Duff had cotton candy hair.

4. When Hilary slicked back her cotton candy hair and looked like a mermaid attending the Oscars.

5. That day when Hilary casually ate ice cream in bed and showed off her gray locks like it was NOTHING.

6. Or the time Hilary had a dark magenta ombré, and it was the stuff of vibrant hair dreams.

7. When Hilary had long, turquoise hair and we couldn’t stop staring.

8. When Hilary wore a half bun before Mickey from Love even THOUGHT ABOUT DOING IT.

9. That time Hilary got her hair done into two buns and called it “sidewayz Micky ears.”

10. That one time, over a decade ago, Hilary was a child of glam and cuteness who showed us how to get the perfect ’90s hair.