Hilary Duff proves that drastically grown-out roots are hella chic

If there’s one thing that makes us feel less-than-great, it’s when we put off an inevitable hair appointment and our roots begin to take our tresses hostage. After all, there is nothing better than a fresh dye job, one that serves as an instant mood booster when you’re in need of some personal refreshment. Yet, Hilary Duff is making us think twice about this state of mind with her latest look.

Just a week ago, Hilary revealed that she’d changed things up by getting some bangs — and that, of course, made us consider how we’d look with a bit of forehead fringe. Now, Hilary is making another hair statement that has us thinking we should give our salons a cancellation call.

Hilary has foregone a root touch-up in favor of letting her natural hair color see the light of day:

Hilary’s mesmerizing eyes! Her lunar earrings! That stellar mascara! There is so much to look at, yet we can’t help but stop and stare at Duff’s hair. Though her brown roots are blossoming, contrasting her now partly blonde locks, Hilary still looks amazing. I mean, she’s Hilary Duff, so of course she looks amazing. But still.

Here’s another glimpse at the color change that’s happenin’ here:

Though we do not have a team of makeup and hair artists at our disposal, we have a feeling it’s more than that. Yes, Hilary might be forgoing a dye job or two, but so what? She looks confident and happy and healthy, which is what’s making us want to give our hair a similar break.

So…maybe instead of a hair appointment, we’ll donate those funds to charity. ‘Tis the season!

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