Hilary Duff’s current read is a moving memoir about one woman’s journey to recapture her identity

Is there anything cooler than a celebrity who reads? Books transport us to other worlds, like safe escapism for anyone who needs it. And it makes sense that celebrities in the public eye love books as much as we do. As for Hilary Duff, her current read is Brain on Fire, and now we have to read it.

With women like Emma Watson and Emma Roberts starting book clubs, it’s cool to see other women who are reading as well; the more the merrier, right? And while we may all have different tastes in what it is we actually like to read, we think Brain on Fire sounds pretty neat.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness is a memoir by Susannah Catalan. In it, Susannah talks about how she woke up in a hospital bed, alone, strapped down and unable to move or speak. With no recollection of what happened or how she got there, the book chronicles her journey trying to pick up the pieces, from her family’s support to the diagnosis that saved her life (which almost didn’t happen).

The book also got adapted into a film starring Chloë Grace Moretz last year. But you know what they say, the book is always better!

Although we’re not sure how Hilary is enjoying the book, we do appreciate that she’s sharing her love of reading with her followers. With her light wash denim, off-the-shoulder blouse, and camel sweater, the book is the perfect accessory for Hilary’s outfit. But when is a book NOT the perfect accessory, is the real question?! Either way, we can’t wait to get our hands on this memoir.

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