Hilary Duff Claimed She Got an Eye Infection From Too Many COVID Tests

However, there's no scientific evidence connecting coronavirus tests to eye infections.

Yesterday, January 4th, Hilary Duff uploaded a photo dump from her holiday festivities with family in Boston and in Los Angeles. Between the pics of matching pajamas, husband Matthew Koma dressed as “skinny Santa,” and adorable baby cousin content, Duff said she had to make a quick trip to the emergency room due to an eye infection, which she says was caused by too many COVID-19 tests.

Duff, who is pregnant with her third child, first posted a photo of herself holding her niece Fallon with an arrow pointing at her eye. “My eye started to look weird…and hurt…a lot,” she wrote over the photo (which is so freaking cute, by the way).

duff story

Took a little trip to the emergency room, she captioned the next picture. I got an eye infection from all the COVID tests at work…cuz you know, 2020 and all.

duff story

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has not linked COVID-19 tests (including both the rapid and the standard test) to potential eye infections, so it’s unclear why Duff believes her infection was COVID test-related. This experience is purely her own, and shouldn’t dissuade you from getting tested if you begin showing symptoms for COVID-19.

Duff updated followers in another post saying that she simply needed to take antibiotics and her infection cleared up.

duff story

Duff was exposed to COVID-19 in November and quarantined herself away from her family while she waited for potential symptoms to appear. She didn’t confirm that she contracted the virus, so it’s safe to assume she remained COVID-free after the scare.

Hopefully Duff will clarify how she made the connection between her eye infection and her COVID tests sooner than later in order to clear up confusion. But, until then, no scientific evidence shows a link, so take her input with a grain of salt.

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