Hilary Duff chopped off all her hair this weekend, and it looks amazing

Hilary Duff just debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram, and we are loving it. What better way to ring in the new year than with a badass hair cut? She first teased a cut on Instagram over the weekend, posting a new pic featuring her and her hair stylist with a giant pair of scissors.

Several hours later, she posted a selfie showing off her sweet new ‘do. The 28-year-old actress cut off several inches, showing off a choppy, textured bob that we totally love.

Hilary thanked her hair stylist, Cynthia Vanis, for updating her style. Valis works with Duff on her show Younger, which just wrapped filming for its second season. Filming usually requires an actress to stick to the same hairstyle for continuity reasons, so Duff wasn’t able to cut it until now.

Vanis told E! News, “Hilary was itching to shed her locks but we couldn’t due to the fact that the we were in the middle of shooting season 2 of Younger. So about 7 minutes after her picture wrap from the show we cut about 6 inches off, just to bite the bullet.”

She added, “Knowing Hilary, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that the color might change.”

Over the years, Duff’s been seen with the same variations of hairstyles (long, pretty, blonde), but she’s been experimenting much more in recent months. This year alone saw her with pastel turquoise blue, which she said was inspired by mermaids. Shortly after that, she went back to blonde, but with an edgy twist — the ends were colored pink in a cool dip-dye effect. This new cut will give her lots of versatility to play with color placement, so we can’t wait to see what she does next.

(Images via Instagram)