Hilary Duff Worrying That She’s Cheugy Is a Whole Mood (and Also Probably Cheugy)

She might as well just embrace the cheug.

Well, fellow millennials, it’s happened: Gen Z has created a new name for those of us who adore all things involving Starbucks and girl boss energy, and it’s taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t heard, a “cheug” is essentially the new term for “basic bitch,” and now, Hilary Duff is concerned that she might be cheugy herself.

While filming an Instagram Story with her youngest daughter, Mae, on May 12th, Duff asked her Instagram followers what they knew about the term cheugy.

If this is new to you, too, this TikTok video pretty much explains it all. If you are a millennial who loves pumpkin spice lattes, big scarves, and Friends, you’re probably a cheug—sorry to be the bearer of bad news. And honestly, Duff probably is, too.

“Listen, guys, I’ve been stressing for days about this,” Duff said in the video. “Ever since I heard the word? Fear overcoming my mind. Like, am I cheugy? Are you cheugy? Do you know if you’re cheugy?”

She then went on to continue to wonder if it’s okay to worry about being a cheug, and that means we’ve got some bad news for her: Worrying about someone calling you cheugy definitely makes you cheugy. But it’s okay. We still love her!

That said, it doesn’t mean that being a cheug is a bad thing. For years, people have been finding new ways to mock women for what they like (especially when it’s something mainstream, which is…mainstream because it’s something a lot of people like). The titles are just going to keep coming, so we might as well make our peace with it and embrace it.

And before anyone asks, yes, Lizzie McGuire is also a cheug.

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