Hilary Duff Reveals How Britney Spears Changed Her Life

She also teases plans for future music: "I definitely think that I have more to do in that department."

Hilary Duff has “Come Clean.” While appearing on Monday’s episode of the Good Guys podcast, the former Disney Channel star opened up shedding her Lizzie McGuire alter ego — and which early aughts pop star inspired her next career move.

“I think that I thought music was gonna be a good way to introduce myself, reintroduce myself, and it was,” Duff said of her career shift, adding she “really didn’t want to be Lizzie McGuire anymore as cool as it was.”

Duff rose to fame as a middle schooler on the hit Disney series, which ended in 2004 after only two seasons. In 2003, Duff put out her first album, Metamorphosis, home to hits like “So Yesterday” and “Why Not.” She went on to drop her self-titled record in 2004 followed by Most Wanted in 2005.

From a career standpoint, Duff was trying hard to establish herself as a serious music artist. A large part of her was also finding joy in chasing the heels of her biggest role model, Britney Spears.

“I loved Britney Spears, obviously. The whole reason I started singing was because I loved Britney Spears,” Duff gushed on the podcast.

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She went on to release two more albums, before stepping away from the studio for good in 2015. Now, nearly a decade later, Duff is toying with the idea of making new music.

“I miss that version of myself and I definitely think that I have more to do in that department,” Duff revealed. Though, she admitted that the evolution of the music industry since the early 2000s has her a bit apprehensive. She explained, “To be honest, it’s also just a totally new landscape even since my last record.”

“I think that I will. I just don’t know when,” Duff added.

Right now, the actress is busy producing and starring in How I Met Your Father. She’s also a mom of three, a role she values more than new music.

“I barely have enough time to give to my three children I decided to bring into the world, so taking more time away from them seems like something I couldn’t really wrap my head around,” Duff shared.

From her first marriage to Mike Comrie, Duff has son Luca Cruz. She’s also mom to daughters Banks Violet and Mae James, whom she shares with husband Matthew Koma.

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