Lizzie McGuire is so yesterday because Hilary Duff just showed off a new blunt bob

Hey now, hey now—where’d Lizzie’s hair go? We had just gotten used to seeing Hilary Duff reinvent her old character Lizzie McGuire with her stylish clothing, her super-light hair color, and of course, her iconic bangs. But now, Duff has thrown us for a loop by not only nixing her bangs, but also chopping her hair into a blunt bob. It seems that Lizzie is so yesterday in Duff’s mind.

Apparently, the 32-year-old thought it was time for a change after filming the Lizzie McGuire reboot this fall. Earlier this month, Duff was spotted rocking a shorter look and side-swept bangs instead of Lizzie’s staple straight fringe.

This haircut was definitely a noticeable change, but now, Duff has opted for an even more drastic transformation. In a recent Instagram TV post on December 16th, Duff shocked fans by debuting the first close up of her new ‘do—a blunt, bang-free, bob—while offering a holiday makeup tutorial.

Duff acknowledged the fresh cut, and explained how the chop is affecting her day-to-day beauty routine.

"I'm just warning you, this might take a little longer than usual because I just chopped my hair off," Duff said in the video. "After a big change, like a new hair color or cut, it always takes a minute to figure out your face again."

Well, it looks like she’s figuring out her new routine pretty quickly, because Duff is rocking her new hairstyle and holiday makeup, per usual. Duff just singlehandedly provided inspo for our entire new year look. But we have to admit, we’re wondering if the Lizzie bangs will make a comeback in 2020—we wouldn’t be opposed.

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