Hilary Duff shared her favorite shop for vintage tees, and we thank her for this gift

Is there anything like a good vintage tee? Truly, everyone deserves to have that one silky soft shirt they can throw on and instantly feel like a rockstar. Whether it’s from a band that disbanded long before you were born or simply a vacation tee from the ’70s, vintage tees are like the ride or die friends of your wardrobe. And the latest celeb to endorse our obsession with all things vintage is Hilary Duff, who just spilled her vintage shopping secret.

So if you’ve ever dreamed about the irresistible pull of a vintage cheerleading or Lakers shirt, you now have Hilary to thank.

Hilary cites her friends new vintage shop, “Creep and Hound,” as the goldmine for all her pre-loved treasures. The one-of-a-kind vintage tees mean that if you find something, it’s probably a gem! No more wondering if your piece is actually vintage or just a very soft, pre-worn replica. Creep and Hound is a one-stop shop for all things old (or rather, all shirts old). The downside? Once something’s sold, it’s sold! So hustle on over and find yourself a shirt. Just don’t take all the “good shit” or Hilary may be mad!

We’ve done the dirty work of rounding up some sick vintage shirts that you’ll be reaching for all year.


Vintage Disney shirt, $75, Creep and Hound


Vintage Hong Kong shirt, $60, Creep and Hound


Vintage Robert Plant shirt, $175, Creep and Hound


Vintage Bon Jovi shirt, $150, Creep and Hound

Now let’s take a trip back in time.

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