Hilary Duff apologized for her Halloween costume, and we’re so glad she did the right thing

It seems like every year, a celebrity gets called out for wearing something truly inappropriate for Halloween. This year, Hilary Duff apologized for her Halloween costume, which was a bit culturally insensitive.

While we kind of wish she thought about what she was wearing before constructing the idea in the first place, we’re happy she did the right thing and addressed the issue.

Duff and her boyfriend, Jason Walsh, hit up the star-studded Casamigos Halloween party this weekend dressed like a pilgrim and a Native American. As you can expect, dressing up like another culture is typically frowned upon — a lot of hurt can come from costumes like these.

Duff used her Twitter account to address her big error.

Her fans pointed out that her and Walsh’s costumes were extremely inappropriate, especially based on everything that’s happening with the Standing Rock tribe regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. false

Speaking of Standing Rock, Chris Hemsworth just apologized for the same exact offense a few days ago.

It’s good to know that Hemsworth realized that no culture should be summed up in a Halloween costume. It looks like Duff realized the same thing, after the fact.


While it’s believable that they innocently chose the costumes, it’s good that she realized how much of a negative affect that choice had on her fanbase.

Walsh also apologized for the costumes through his Instagram account, making sure that people knew that in hindsight, he would have made a different decision.


We know that Hilary Duff and Jason Walsh will pick out something so much better next year. But for now, it’s good to know that they’ll think a bit harder about whether or not their choices might negatively impact others!

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