Hilary Duff now knows what it’s like being the mini, animated version of Lizzie McGuire

We love seeing Hilary Duff back on our TV screens in Younger. Especially because she’s aced the transition from tween star to adult actress/singer in a way that so few Disney stars manage to hack, and we really respect her for it… even if we still think “It’s Lizzie McGuire!!” every time we see her on-screen. Yet, there is one part of Lizzie McGuire Hilary hasn’t reminded us of… until now!

We’re talking about the mini, animated Lizzie featured on the show:


We definitely miss Lizzie’s animated counterpart, but after a visit to The Broad, Hilary Duff now knows what it’s like to be her own mini-me!

She looks SO tiny and adorable. Totally reminds us of…


…and we’re loving the flashback.

Lizzie McGuire was there to comfort us through our most awkward middle school moments, and to make us feel waaaay better about them when she inevitably did something five times worse. Even Hilary Duff knows the value of her alter ego (and her alter ego’s animated alter ego…)

“I feel like it meant so much to girls in that crucial time in their life where they’re changing and feeling awkward,” she said in an interview with Hollywood Life. “I think it has a little special place in their hearts.”


OF COURSE it does.

Hilary Duff definitely related very strongly to Lizzie, even if she admitted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that, at times, it was difficult to move forward in her life with fans so attached to Lizzie.

“The writers all knew me so well and were writing things that were happening in my life and things that I would say, and I was dressing exactly like I wanted. It was so me.”

Safe to say we’re not the only ones who are super attached. And now Hilary Duff knows what it’s like not just to be live-action Lizzie, but teeny-tiny animated Lizzie, too!

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