13 times Hilary Duff posted the best animal pics on Instagram

Even though we totally love Hilary Duff on Younger, she will always be lovable goofball Lizzie McGuire in our hearts. So it makes total sense that her Instagram is full of pictures both poignant and silly. Yet, by far our favorite Instagrams from Hilary Duff are her animal pics. That’s right, the girl has game when it comes to photographing animals. Below are some of our favorites.

The only thing that would make this photo better would be if the dog was actually driving the car


This is how we feel every single time we’re cooped up on an airplane

That face!

Later, we were saddened to read that Beau had passed.

…but that didn’t stop her from posting adorable animal pics of his family, and in fact, adopting Beau’s sister!


Puppy, or lemur?

Clearly, Hilary Duff’s pups are awesome at hiding

They really are (wo)man’s best friend!

This pup means business

Worst soccer goalie ever.

Best Friends Forever!

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