The Hillary Clinton and “Scandal” connection you probably didn’t notice at the DNC

Hillary has been killing it lately with her fashion choices. But no outfit had more meaning for us than the white suit she wore when accepting the nomination this Thursday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Admit it, she looks amazing:


As The New York Times pointed out, Hillary looks downright presidential:

Apparently Hillary’s choice to wear a white suit was a nod to suffragettes of the past. White, along with gold and purple, were the official colors of the suffragist movement, specifically the National Woman’s Party. An early mission statement for the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage claimed:

Of course, the white pantsuit also makes us think of another powerful woman who works tirelessly to break through the political glass ceiling:

Scandal‘s Olivia Pope!

Notice the similarity?


We wonder if Shonda Rhimes is aware of the meaning behind the white pantsuit—we wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Rhimes has constantly spoken out against the glass ceiling. Senior Entertainment Reporter Kevin Fallon of The Daily Beast first made the connection between Hillary’s suit and Olivia Pope’s on Twitter:

Both women look downright unflappable and chic in their white pantsuits, and we’re sure that wherever they are, their suffragette sisters and fellow feminists appreciate the fashion shout out and are smiling as women continue to crash the patriarchy.


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