The hilariously awkward reality of filming a steamy Hollywood sex scene

The post-rain warmup in The Notebook. The piano incident in Pretty Woman. Anything involving Zac Efron’s abs. These memorable movie scenes are so steamy, they never fail to make us blush a little. But while these intimate moments might look hot on the big screen, in real life, they’re less-than-glamorous for actors to shoot.

That’s something we’ve heard many times before: There’s nothing sexy about shooting a sex scene. You’re stripped down to your skivvies with a very attractive person, trying to create a sensual moment while dozens and dozens of people are standing by. And they’re watching, in their street clothes, asking you to do this vulnerable thing again and again.

In addition to acting, you might even be trying to strategically cover certain parts of your body! Personally, I would be very worried about having bad breath, too. There’s a lot going on and a lot to think about. Sex scenes are just plain awkward, and this video from the set of Stretch proves it tenfold.

Feast your eyes on this behind-the-scenes reel from a particularly steamy scene between Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker. There’s a lot of nervous laughter, re-adjusting and sympathy background music. At one point Brooklyn Decker mutters “No, no, you’re good” and we haven’t stopped cringing since.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video to see what filming a sex scene is REALLY like! Warning: You might crumble in awkwardness. But hey, you’ve gotta hand it to them: Despite the circumstances, they make it look good on the big screen.

Featured image via Shutterstock