This hilarious video shows was it would be like to date social media networks

Do you ever feel like you spend so much time on social media that the apps sort have become … friends? Personally, there are some days I unintentionally spend more time with Instagram than I do with my boyfriend. And then I have to wonder: Does that make Instagram my significant other? (And also, where can I seek help for that issue?)

In a recent video, British YouTuber Emma Blackery perfectly encapsulated what it would be like if our favorite social media platforms were people that we could date. Emma, as herself, sit across from herself playing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+, all of whom, it turns out, are terrible to take out to dinner.

Instagram won’t stop staring at her food. Twitter won’t stop using hashtags in normal conversation. Tumblr gets offended by virtually everything. Facebook keeps forcing baby pictures on Emma and Snapchat talks really fast because any second—poof—she’ll disappear. Meanwhile, Google+ sobs, asking why no one likes her, begging for someone to add her to their circle. Er… Swipe left, please.

This isn’t the first time that Emma Blackery has poked fun at social media on her YouTube channel. A year ago, she posted a song peppered with obscenities about her frustrations with Google+ (probably because Google was practically forcing the Youtube community to use it). The hilarious ukulele number currently has almost 3 million views.

“If Websites Started Dating” is hilarious, but it also really rings true. Social media should never replace people IRL—clearly, the results would be terrible. Check out the full video below.

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