This hilarious video of two cockatoos listening to music has the entire internet choosing sides

As wonderful and enjoyable as music can be, it can also be divisive. Because sometimes you’re just not feeling the music someone else is listening to, and subsequently, forcing you to listen to. Which is exactly what happened when one cockatoo danced and head bobbed to Elvis, while his cockatoo friend was feeling none of it.

A video of the two cockatoos was uploaded to YouTube about two years ago by Mark Muldoon. It shows the birds being serenaded by a man (presumably Muldoon) singing an Elvis classic. While one of the birds, who happens to have a pretty legit Elvis hairdo, was rocking out to the song, the other bird looked at him like he was straight up out of his damn mind.

Elvis hairdo cockatoo didn’t even care about the shade.

He was feeling himself and the music.

Since nothing that happens on the internet ever makes sense, the two-year-old video is currently recirculating across social media. And TBH, we’re not mad about it. Because there’s pretty much everything to love about it.

The part where the Elvis loving bird loses his mind is by far the best moment in cinematic history.

The people of Twitter are loving the birds just as much as we are, and are tweeting their thoughts and opinions on all of it. Some people relate to the bird who can’t stop dancing, while others are 100 percent the bird who hates life right now.


Has there ever been a bird who loves Elvis more? Probably not. And has there ever been a bird who questioned all of his life choice more? Definitely not.

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