20 hilarious tweets that sum up the chaos of fatherhood

Ah, dads. Their jokes are embarrassing AF when we’re kids, yet they’re endlessly charming after we turn 25. These poor guys can’t catch a break! That’s why, in honor of Father’s Day on June 18th, we decided to round up the funniest tweets about fatherhood — because dads, as much as you drive us crazy, we appreciate you in all of your over-the-top dad joke glory.

From celeb dads, like Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, to everyday papas who keep us rolling on Twitter, these hilarious parents deserve an award for summing up fatherhood in 140 characters or less.

Enough chatter — keep scrolling for the best tweets about fatherhood!

1Germs get passed around

2This about sums it up

3Reality can get confusing

4Everybody poops, right?

5When the student becomes the teacher

6A cookie monster is born

7A future politician is in our midst

8Bath time!

9Hey, they had to learn at some point

10When being a dad gets scary

11And even scarier

12Here’s some necessary self-reflection


14You can’t be a sore loser

15We see where she’s coming from



17Ok, gross, but we appreciate the candor

18What kids will do for a cookie

19Music will never be the same


20The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


Happy Father’s Day, dads. We love ya.

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