13 downright hilarious tweets from chipotle’s official twitter

We have some pretty intense feelings when it comes to Chipotle. Those little foil-wrapped bundles give us heart-eyes like nothing else. Sure, guac is extra (we know…TRUST). But Chipotle will always be our bae(ritto).


Obviously, we’ve known about Chipotle’s deliciousness for quite some time (like always). But what we didn’t realize was that our fave burrito hangout also has a pretty rad sense of humor. Newsflash: Chipotle is hilarious. We don’t know who exactly is behind the @ChipotleTweets account on Twitter (the officially official Twitter for the restaurant chain), but they deserve some kind of award. Like a Pulitzer. Or maybe just free burritos for life. Whatevs. The point is their Twitter game is STRONG. We love these tweets almost as much as we love sofritas.


Here are 13 Chipotle tweets that have us laughing so hard we can barely scarf down our burrito bowls:

We see you, Chipotle. We see you.


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