26 hilarious things every queer girl has googled at some point

If you’re a queer girl, prepare to fall over laughing because this video is *too* relatable. Created by BuzzFeed, “26 Weird Things Queer Girls Google” is the most us thing we’ve seen maybe ever. It’s funny, and it shows just how often stereotypes can get into our brains, leaving us trying to figure out what kind of “gay” we are and which label fits us best.


It also highlights the difficulty of being a queer woman due to the general lack of ability to find other queer women. Like, seriously, if you don’t like in Los Angeles or New York or another gay-friendly city, how do you make that happen? Seriously, tell us. We wanna know.

Here are a few other things we apparently wanna know.

“Where can I make queer lady friends?”


SOMEONE HAS TO HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION. It’s plagued queer women since the beginning of time, and we’re still left wondering: how?! With the focus of gay bars on gay men and the fact that most apps that promote being a place for women to make friends still leave queer women wondering if we’re going to end up with friends, or girls who want to try hooking up with us, it’s all very confusing.

“Am I a chapstick, or a lipstick?”


*Whispers: what does this even mean?* I’m queer AF but I have literally no understanding of these labels. According to Google (further proof that queer women Google ourselves) it’s a measure of femme-ness, so if you don’t quite ID as butch, you may ID as a chapstick lesbian or queer woman, rather than a lipstick lesbian or queer woman. Like, more femme than stud or butch, less femme than lipstick lesbian. Oh, the layers and layers to queer identity.

“Is Olivia Wilde bi?”


Questions that still need answering… like, desperately. She’s an alien goddess who is beyond our levels of beauty, so we’re remaining ever hopeful.

“Who was actually queer on The L Word?”


The L Word is literally one of the first thing most queer women have asked me as a way of figuring whether or not I’m queer, too. Unfortunately, it’s not always safe to straight up ask if someone is gay, so we have to rely on stereotypes that aren’t always true… though this one is mostly true.

“Why is bi-erasure a thing?”


Unfortunately, in the queer and straight community alike, bi erasure is totally a thing. Everyone expects you to pick a side, but the reality is that bi people aren’t half straight and half gay. They’re 100% bi. 

“Cute lesbians… Oh that’s porn! Oh god that’s porn.”


Because, outside of queer media, lesbians are a fetish, not a reality. Unfortunate but true.

Watch the video below!