These are the 30 most hilarious and relatable tweets about menstruating

It’s time to talk about periods. Whether yours are light or heavy, crampy or achy, long or short, it’s always comforting to know that you’re not suffering alone. Thankfully, there are plenty of funny and relatable period tweets out there, because sometimes we all need to shout it from the digital rooftops when we’re dealing with period woes.

Whether you’re the kinda girl that prefers to keep your thoughts about your period to yourself, or you love to hit Twitter up to tell the world how much your cycle sucks, these are the most hilarious tweets about periods that will make you feel better no matter where you are in your monthly cycle.

And on the first day of period, my uterus gave to meeeee…

We’ve all been there. false false

It’s a roller coaster ride, except not even a little fun.

Don’t even try, boys.

Same goes for you, mom. false

Sorry, sweet old couple in the park.

We need answers.

This guy gets it.

Is this, er, streaming on Netflix? false

What’s the return policy on this misery?

It’s a gamble we somehow always seem to lose. false

If your period were on a dating app… false

We can also tell if it’s already raining tbh.

Feelin’ like the Hundred Years’ War up in here.

Meanwhile, on Mt. Saint Menstruation…

Hey thanks up there!

Immediate fear sets in…

Oh, ouch! false

Periods are why pizza actually exists.

Valid question, indeed.

Two words: period. poops.

So many life regrets.

A silent bully, but a bully nonetheless.

But why?

On the, er, plus side…

All we can say is: thank goodness the Internet exists.

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