This might be the best commercial about periods ever

Ah, the first time. It can be scary or exciting. You might have been looking forward to it or dreading it, but either way, everyone pretty much agrees that it marks your transition from girl to woman. We’re talking, of course, about the first time you get your period.

Are you feeling a little embarrassed at the very mention of the P word? If you are, you’re not alone. We live in a society where talking about periods is often considered taboo and women don’t always feel comfortable having open conversations about their bodies. A new, revolutionary company called Dear Kate is looking to change that though, and they’re starting with a commercial that might just be the best commercial about periods ever made. In it, women talk about their first time, completely candidly.

Watch it for yourself:

So what is Dear Kate selling with this commercial? Mostly, they’re selling a new way of thinking that encourages women to be comfortable discussing the very natural things their bodies go through. Dear Kate is hoping to help women take back their periods. In addition to that great idea and totally noble goal, Dear Kate sells a very cool physical product, too: a cool line of period-proof underwear. Their special fabric (patent-pending) is designed to be stain-releasing and leak-resistant, a combo that will help girls and women focus more on living their lives and less on worrying about the less-than-desirable side effects of their periods.

What an awesome campaign, product and message. Oh, and the commercial is amazing. Dear Kate is winning all around.

(Image via YouTube.)

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