People are sharing hilarious online shopping fails, and who among us hasn’t been there?

Online shopping is a bit of a crap-shoot. There’s no way to know for sure that what you order is what you get. We don’t know what the warehouse looks like, how the items are stored, who packs them up and sends them out. Of course, we love to imagine a small mom-and-pop operation receiving every order and wrapping them up with care and attention. However, we know, from a plethora of online shopping fails, that the reality is probably quite a bit more dystopian than that.

Ironically, the very platform that allows for such a disregard of quality control, i.e., the Internet, is also our savior for fails like these.

Folks who’ve been on the receiving end of totally-the-wrong-thing have been sharing photos of the items they ordered, versus what arrived.The results are…#omgcrying ? ? ? ?

The French team.

Dad shoes.

Tent fit for a wifey.


Tiny gumballs!

“You said you wanted a baby cake.”

Apologetic minions.

Medical equipment.

40 bananas??!

Smallest water fight ever.

Most of us have had at least one such experience. It all goes to show that, sometimes, convenience is not king, and in-person is maybe the only fool-proof way to shop. Yet, we can’t be mad. Because, well, laughter is good for us.